All your traffic in one place, we connect with:

Google Analytics

To have a good overview of how users reach your site, what they do and how they convert

Google Search Console

To track keywords you already rank for on Google, which page attract most users and which keywords convert

Customized Statistics

Affiliate Network reports display statistics by offer, creative URLs, sub IDs and source names. Reports can be filtered for any of the previous. Statistics can be viewed for selected time periods and grouped by year, month, week, day or hour.

Exportable Reports

All reports in both applications are exportable to CSV format. Reports can also be pulled from the applications APIs.

How long does it take to approve my account?

Typically publisher applications for Traffic Ventures Network Affiliates, Traffic Ventures Network Banners and Traffic Ventures Network Virtual Goods are approved in less than 24 hours. From there, start using the self-service applications to immediately acquire customers.

Is customer service available for my account?

Absolutely. Dedicated account managers are eager to assist with any aspect of performance advertisings with Traffic.Ventures.

How do offer requests work?

Some, but not all, of our offers on Traffic Ventures Affiliate Network require approval. When you apply for these offers by sending a message to the advertiser, the advertiser specialist will review your message and approve or deny it within 24 hours. Once the decision has been made, you will instantly receive an email to your electronic mailbox letting you know the status of your offer.

Do you provide an API?

Yes. Our software accepts API for our end users. You can make API requests after joining.

When I sign up, will I be mailed newsletters like most websites on the internet?

Absolutely not. However, if you would like to opt-in, tick the 'Accept Mailings' option on Our Sign Up Page.


Traffic Ventures is completely free

We don't store, use or sell your data